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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Darren Rovell Region

The 2016 NCAA Tournament field was unveiled Sunday night, meaning that for the next three days, college basketball fans will be spending their time filling out brackets. We here at College Spun have a different kind of challenge for you, however. We want you to help us determine the most annoying person in sports media. We’ve gone ahead and nominated 64 different candidates.

A few of the nominees – like Barstool Sports, Saturday Down South and SB Nation – are actually entities, rather than people. But you get the gist. We’ve also put ourselves on here, just in case you think that we’re actually the most annoying.

Let’s get started. You can vote on the Darren Rovell region below:

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media

The 64 Most Annoying People in sports media bracket.

Vote On The Darren Rovell Region Below

1. Darren Rovell vs. 16. Verne Lundquist

Rovell's Twitter account alone might be enough to win this entire thing.

2. Chris Berman vs. 15. Matt Jones

The once-beloved Berman is now one of the most hated. Jones, meanwhile, is the Commander-in-chief of #BBN.

3. Chris Broussard vs. 14. College Spun's Staff

Broussard constantly talks about his religious views. We constantly write about hype videos and Twitter beefs.

4. Bomani Jones vs. 13. Michael Wilbon

Jones never thinks he's wrong, which is funny, because...neither does Wilbon.

5. Bill Simmons vs. 12. Jon Rothstein

This is March. Enough people probably don't get that reference, so Simmons will likely win here.

6. Adam Schefter vs. 11. Jemele Hill

Schefter probably has 10 cell phones - pity his wife. Hill acts like an insane person when it comes to Michigan State.

7. Seth Davis vs. 10. David Pollack

Davis is as smug as they come. But Pollack certainly won't get the female vote.

8. Phil Simms vs. 9. Jay Mariotti 

If enough people still remember Mariotti, he'll likely prevail. Simms gets trashed every Sunday, though.

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