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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Elite Eight

Most annoying people in sports media bracket.

The Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament begins Thursday night, but in our bracket for the 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media, we're already on to the Elite Eight. By Monday, we'll have whittled the list down to our Final Four. It's shaping up to be an epic battle.

After another round of voting, eight more media members - Curt Schilling, Dan LeBatard, Bomani Jones, Chris Berman, Paul Finebaum, Mike Francesa, Keith Olbermann and Dick Vitale - have been eliminated. Here's what we've learned this week:

  • 16-seed Jim Rome is still alive and may be the favorite to reach the Final Four.
  • First Take employs two of the most annoying people in sports media yet is still somehow kept on air.
  • Mark May's place in the Elite Eight is proof that Ohio State fans are a powerful force.
  • Jay Mariotti is a sleeper to win the whole damn thing.

Voting in now closed on the Sweet 16. You can view the results from the first round here, the second round here and the Sweet 16 here. Let's vote on the Elite Eight.

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Elite Eight

Vote On The Elite Eight Here 

1. Stephen A. Smith vs. 2. Mark May

Seeding held in Stephen A's bracket, which isn't exactly a surprise. May's run probably ends here though, unless we only allow votes to come from Columbus, Ohio.

9. Jay Mariotti vs. 11. Jemele Hill

Not what we predicted when we first put together the bracket, but here we are. Mariotti smoked Bomani Jones, 65%-35%. Hill, the ultimate sleeper, took down Chris Berman, 60%-40%.

1. Skip Bayless vs. 2. Colin Cowherd

Good luck.

3. Doug Gottlieb vs. 16. Jim Rome

Jim Rome has already defied the odds, winning three rounds as a 16-seed. Gottlieb is a force though - especially considering he's only relevant one month of the year now.

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