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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Final Four

...and then there were four. The past few weeks, we've given you the people the opportunity to voice your opinion on the most annoying people in sports media. We're just a few days from learning who's going to take home the crown. Stephen A. Smith, Jemele Hill, Skip Bayless and Jim Rome are the four left standing heading into the final week. We're just two results away from an all-First Take final. Woof.

What did we learn this past week?

  • Ohio State fans weren't enough to push Mark May past Stephen A. Smith.
  • Jemele Hill is on - her words - a "George Mason like run" heading into the Final Four.
  • Skip Bayless appears unbeatable.
  • Jim Rome is the most underseeded person in the history of dumb pop culture brackets.

Voting is now closed on the Elite Eight. You can view the results from the first round here, the second round here, the Sweet 16 here and the Elite Eight here. Let's vote on the Final Four.

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Final Four

Bracket of the most annoying people in sports media.

Vote On The Final Four Here

1. Stephen A. Smith vs. 11. Jemele Hill

A classic David vs. Goliath battle. Hill's run has been surprising, but an upset here would be Syracuse-down-15-and-still-beats-Virginia level. Can she pull it off?

1. Skip Bayless vs. 16. Jim Rome

Props to Jim Rome for proving us wrong - he really is still one of the most annoying out there. But we think his run ends here. It has to, right?

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