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The 8 Teams That Could Go Undefeated, Per ESPN's FPI

Kirk Herbstreit on the set of college gameday.

Kirk Herbstreit.

These eight teams have *a chance* to go undefeated.

ESPN's "Football Power Index" rankings, which updated this week, included a win out percentage. Since the season hasn't started yet, this is basically a percentage that calculates the odds of a team going undefeated.

How many teams does ESPN's FPI think could go undefeated in 2017?

Not many.

In fact, based on ESPN's FPI, no teams will go undefeated this season. No team has a better than 50 percent chance of winning out, per the FPI, and only - Ohio State - has a better than 10 percent of doing it.

There are eight teams with at least a two-percent chance of going undefeated, per the FPI.

Here are those eight teams.

  1. Ohio State - 32.8 percent chance
  2. Alabama - 9.1 percent chance
  3. Oklahoma - 7.3 percent chance
  4. FSU - 6.4 percent chance
  5. Washington - 4.3 percent chance
  6. Wisconsin - 4 percent chance
  7. USF - 2.5 percent chance
  8. Penn State - 2 percent chance

Are you picking any of these teams to go unbeaten this fall?

You can see the full rankings here.