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The Cubs Want To Bring A Bowl Game To Chicago

The Midwest needs a bowl game.

The vast majority of bowl games are held in warm-weather locations. This is mostly fine, but football's an all-weather sport, and college football deserves the possibility of watching to teams play a big bowl on a snow-covered field.

Thankfully, the Chicago Cubs realize this.

The reigning World Series champions are reportedly interested in bringing a bowl game to Wrigley Field.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Football will return to Wrigley Field in November of 2020, Cubs President Crane Kenney told the Tribune, with Northwestern's hosting multiple Big Ten games the team's "first priority."

More intriguing, Kenney said the Cubs "absolutely" intend to begin hosting an annual bowl game.

The bowl would be the first of its kind in the Chicago area, and the timing should be ideal.

By 2020 (actually 2018), fans will be able to eat in new Wrigleyville restaurants such as Big Star and Smoke Daddy, sleep at the boutique Hotel Zachary and revel in a tented plaza that can accommodate crowds of nearly 6,000.

And needless to say, the field area will be expanded to allow for two full end zones.

There is already one bowl game held in a baseball stadium in a cold-weather city - the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium in New York. College football deserves another one.