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The NCAA Has Banned A Practice Made Famous By Alabama

The NCAA announced today some new bylaws for its collegiate athletics. One of them concerns a practice made famous by Alabama.

A couple of years ago, the Crimson Tide had former star running back Trent Richardson practicing with them. Richardson was one heck of a scout team back for Nick Saban and Co.

The practice made headlines and it made its way to several big-time coaches. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer seemed to be pretty jealous.

"It's got me thinking," he said while jokingly picking up his phone during a press conference.

This is no longer allowed by the NCAA, however. A new bylaw has prohibited the practice.

From the NCAA:

Both subdivisions adopted proposals preventing former student-athletes from participating in practice at their former schools. Sponsored by the Atlantic Coast Conference, the proposal is intended to negate competitive and recruiting advantages schools potentially could gain by allowing former student-athletes to practice with the current team.

Prohibiting this for unfair recruiting advantages does make some sense. College players are probably a little relieved, too.

If you're an Alabama linebacker, you definitely do not want to have to tackle Trent Richardson, right? This could be a good thing for everyone involved...