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The NCAA Is Considering A Major Rule Change After What Happened Saturday

north texas punt returner scores a touchdown

The NCAA is reportedly considering a major rule change in college football after what happened during a game on Saturday afternoon.

A North Texas punt returner, Keegan Brewer, pulled off one of the coolest trick plays we've ever seen. He tricked defenders into thinking he was taking a fair catch, stood still in front of those defenders for a couple of seconds, and then took off when they believed the ball was dead.

The result: A 90-yard punt return touchdown in the first quarter of the 44-17 upset of Arkansas.

Plays like this might be prohibited from happening in the future, though. There were some injury concerns noted regarding the dangers of "faking a fair catch" following this play. Tommy Craft reports that the NCAA is considering implementing a new rule. "Was told earlier today that NCAA FB Rules committee is considering a rule amendment possibly as soon as this weekend to close any loophole that would allow a Punt Return similar to UNT’s 90 yd score vs ARK," he reports.

As fun as that play was, there are some real safety concerns regarding plays like this, so a new rule is probably the right move.