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Tim Brando: Notre Dame Has Had Talks With ACC About Becoming Full-Time Member

The college football insider says the Fighting Irish have talked with the ACC.

Fox Sports' Tim Brando reported at the end of last week that Notre Dame has had talks with a conference about full-time membership.

That conference, unsurprisingly, is the ACC.

How far these "talks" went is the only thing that matters, and they probably didn't go very far.

Notre Dame has a good relationship with the ACC and the conference is supposed to be launching its own TV network in a couple of years. With the College Football Playoff, it does make some sense for the Fighting Irish to join a Power 5 league.

But the South Bend, Ind. program loves its independent status, and makes a ton of money from its deal with NBC, so there still probably isn't a huge rush for them to join a league.