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Tim Riggins Would've Committed To Arkansas, Per The Ringer

Arkansas basketball fan wearing Razorbacks hats.

FAYETTEVILLE, AK - JANUARY 29: Fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks chant during the second half against the Kentucky Wildcats on January 29, 2005 at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, Arkasas. Kentucky defeated Arkansas 68-67. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Dillon Panthers star running back would've been best at Arkansas.

The Ringer has been posting a lot about Friday Night Lights this week. Today, a couple of their posts focus on beloved running back Tim Riggins.

Riggins, one of the most-adored athletes in TV history, was a talented-but-troubled running back. He got drunk a lot and had some off-the-field issues. On the field, though, he was a force.

College wasn't a focus for Timmy, but he did end up attending one for a short amount of time. The FNL writers had Riggins end up at San Antonio State at the start of Season 4. He was there for less than one show before coming back to Dillon.

The Ringer had higher hopes for Riggins' college football career. They've predicted where they think he would've actually ended up: Arkansas.

Sherman: Yes. My grand plan for Tim Riggins.It doesn’t work out with the timelines, but: Tim Riggins, beefy RB for Bret Bielema’s Arkansas Razorbacks.

Baumann: OH YEAH. Chad Morris and Bobby Petrino wouldn’t have had much use for Riggins, but Bert ...

Sherman: So far as I can tell, the whole premise of Arkansas football is to land recruits who need to leave Texas, but who don’t want to leave Texas.

Baumann: I was gonna say Riggins lacks SEC speed, but at Arkansas you only need to outrun the tectonic plates. And they have Lone Star in Fayetteville.

Culturally, Arkansas really is a great fit. I can see him playing for Bret Bielema, for sure.

Thinking Riggins was an SEC-caliber running back is probably a big stretch, though. Maybe he could've been a preferred walk-on or something. If he actually wanted to play, a non-Power 5 school like Arkansas State or SMU might've been better.