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Tim Tebow Names 1 Thing He Wants To Stay In College Football

Tim Tebow giving a speech during a Florida Gators football game.

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 06: Tim Tebow is inducted into the Ring of Honor during the game between the Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on October 6, 2018 in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

College football continues to rapidly change. 

While many adjustments can help the sport grow, Tim Tebow doesn't want to see every tradition die.

The former Florida Gators quarterback told USA Today that he wants to maintain classic rivalry games.

"I think the one thing I'd really love to see as such a diehard fan of college sports, and especially college football, is I want to see the rivalries and the traditions stay," Tebow said while discussing the latest round of conference realignment.

While the Heisman Trophy winner said change is often for the better, he hopes the proliferation of super conferences doesn't eliminate "awesome games" such as Army vs. Navy, Florida vs. Florida State, and the annual Thanksgiving weekend matchup between USC and UCLA.

"I think that's one of the lifebloods of college football, is those traditions and those pageantries," Tebow continued. "I hope we can still, as so much is changing, we can keep some of those things."

Frequent conference realignment can jeopardize some iconic clashes. It'll also get tougher to book evergreen matchups as the SEC and Big Ten continue to expand.

Yet Tebow believes it would be a mistake to lose sight of those beloved staples. He's certainly not the only one who wants to preserve some cherished traditions.