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Tim Tebow Reacts To Controversial SEC Head Coaching Hire

A closeup of Tim Tebow.

During this past Saturday's edition of "SEC Nation," former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow shared his thoughts on Auburn hiring Hugh Freeze as its head coach. 

Tebow believes Freeze makes a lot of sense for Auburn because he won't back down against Alabama. 

“What’s the most important game for Auburn? Alabama,” Tebow said, via 247Sports. “He’s somebody who didn’t back down in a lot of the games, played them competitive, beat them in back to back seasons. He’s an offensive guy, but he also built really good defenses. Fast, physical. This is someone who knows how to build a program and it’s going to be fun to see what happens.”

Freeze had a 2-3 record against Saban during his last coaching stint in the SEC.

In terms of results on the field, Freeze is a really good coach. He did an excellent job at Ole Miss before having to resign.

However, it's tough to bring up Freeze's accomplishments without mentioning his scandal at Ole Miss. The program was slammed with several Level I violations. 

Freeze will have plenty of opportunities to prove that he learned from his previous mistakes. He'll also get the chance each season to show what he can do against Alabama.