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Todd McShay Describes How Much Ohio State Fans Hate Mark May

Ohio State fans don't like Mark May. You know this. Todd McShay knows this.

On ESPN Radio's Russillo & Kanell this afternoon, Todd McShay and Danny Kanell discussed the most "volatile" fan bases in college football. Basically, the fan bases that come after you - in this case, them - when you say something about their team that they don't like.

McShay had Ohio State fans at No. 5 in his rankings (1. Clemson, 2. FSU, 3. Notre Dame, 4. West Virginia) and talked about the distaste Buckeye fans have for Mark May as a reference point.

"What they did to Mark May, and their relentless passion...I'll be doing sideline at Ohio State, and they'll be screaming at me to scream at Mark May back home (at ESPN)," McShay said. "And I'm like, I haven't seen Mark May in two years."

Ohio State fans' hatred for May was evident this weekend. The ESPN analyst picked Nebraska to upset the Buckeyes in Columbus. OSU went on to win that game, 62-3, and Buckeye fans had their fun with May on Twitter following the game.