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Tony Kornheiser Has Blunt Reaction To College Football News

Tony Kornheiser blasted today's Washington Post cover.


Thursday's breaking news surrounding possible College Football Playoff expansion is widely seen as a step in the right direction for the sport. ESPN's Tony Kornheiser thinks otherwise.

During Thursday's edition of the iconic Pardon the Interruption, Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon discussed the report suggesting the College Football Playoff will probably expand to 12 teams in coming years. The 72-year-old ripped his own employer, ESPN, for not trying to stop the proposal in its tracks.

"Let me tell you who won't stop them. This network," Kornheiser said in response to Wilbon's comment on shutting down the 12-team playoff proposal, via

Michael Wilbon with the look of someone who 100% agrees but also knows how hard it is to get a raise at ESPN these days

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) June 10, 2021

">Awful Announcing. "College football is a goldmine. And ESPN will line up to hand people money. ... This is a goldmine and they're going to do it." Kornheiser isn't wrong. A 12-team College Football Playoff will grow the sport's revenue by a significant margin. But that isn't the only reason the sport is considering expansion.

Money is a reason for expansion, but so are parity and variety. A 12-team College Football Playoff adds more interested fans in the process.

The 12-team proposal also states the first round of the College Football Playoff would take place at the higher-seeded team's stadium. Not only will that make for incredible entertainment, but will add further revenue for the sport and the schools.

Playoff expansion has always been inevitable. And no, it's not all about the money. But it's probably one of the main driving forces.