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Top 10 College Football Recruiting Classes Of 2018, Right Now

We've seen a number of big recruits make their decisions over the last few weeks, and as a result, we've seen a shake-up at the top of the recruiting rankings.

247Sports uses a composite ranking system, pulling in data from Scout, Rivals, and ESPN, as well as its own rankings. As of this morning, four Big Ten programs have pulled in top 10 classes so far, with two a piece coming from the ACC and SEC.

Interestingly, Alabama isn't among them. The Crimson Tide, which annually signs the top class in the country, only has two commits so far—both four-stars—putting them at No. 64 in the country, behind such recruiting luminaries as Northern Illinois, SMU, Louisiana Tech, Miami (OH), and Western Michigan.

Somehow, we expect Alabama to be right back up at top by Signing Day, but 'Bama haters can have fun with this in the meantime.

The current top 10 schools:

  1. Miami (18 total commits, 1 five-star, 12 four-stars)
  2. Ohio State (11 total commits, 3 five-stars, 8 four-stars)
  3. Penn State (13 total commits, 2 five-stars, 5 four-stars)
  4. LSU (16 total commits, 8 four-stars)
  5. Texas (10 total commits, 7 four-stars)
  6. Notre Dame (11 total commits, 6 four-stars)
  7. Florida State (10 total commits, 6 four-stars)
  8. Nebraska (11 total commits, 6 four-stars)
  9. Tennessee (12 total commits, 1 five-star, 4 four-stars)
  10. Michigan (10 total commits, 7 four-stars)

Miami is out ahead with its already-large recruiting class, but we've seen this from the Hurricanes in recent years as well. The U works hard to lock kids up early, though it can be difficult to hang on to all of them for months before National Signing Day, especially as other big programs look to flip recruits.

Ohio State, which just added another blue-chip player last night (all 11 Ohio State verbals are four or five-star players) probably has the most talented class thus far. 247's average player rating score gives Ohio State a 95.8, way above Miami (91.53), and every other school in the top 10. The second highest average in the country right now is USC, which is 19th in the rankings with six players total, with two five-stars and four four-stars.

We have a long time until these rankings will be set in stone, but it is a pretty interesting cycle thus far.