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Top College QB Transfer Candidate Has 'Preferred' Destination

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On Wednesday morning, Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson's name popped up in the transfer portal - which lists all players seeking a transfer from their program. Jackson is one of the top quarterbacks in the country and had NFL scouts excited about his size and athleticism.

The star quarterback is set to transfer from the Bulls after leading to team to a 10-4 record this season. He can either transfer, or take his talents to the NFL as a graduate.

According to Jonah Bronstein of Buffalo News, Jackson's transfer from the program has "been in motion for a while." Bronstein also mentioned Jackson's "preferred destination."

So, where does the top college quarterback reportedly want to go? Auburn.

Jackson was named the MAC Offensive Player of the Year after he racked up 2,605 passing yards and 25 touchdowns during the regular season.

A move to the SEC would provide a great platform for Jackson to showcase his skills against top competition before he heads to the NFL.

Stay tuned.