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Troy Aikman Took 'Uncalled For' Shot At College Football Program

fox NFL analyst troy aikman down on the field

During this Monday night's game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, ESPN's Troy Aikman took a jab at Indiana's football program. 

After Cowboys tight end Peyton Hendershot made an athletic play in the fourth quarter, Joe Buck said he was "making the Indiana Hoosiers' football program proud."

Hendershot, who finished last night's game with 43 receiving yards, played college football at Indiana. He earned All-Big Ten honors in 2021. 

Aikman couldn't help but have a snarky response to Buck's comment about making Indiana proud. 

"It doesn't take much, does it?" Aikman responded. "That's not fair, that's not fair. I'm sorry."

Some people said Aikman's comments were warranted. Others, meanwhile, thought they were uncalled for. 

Either way, it's pretty funny that Aikman immediately apologized after trying to take a jab at the Hoosiers. 

If Aikman's alma mater - UCLA - actually joins the Big Ten in the coming years, Indiana could use the Hall of Famer's comments as bulletin-board material for that matchup.