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Report: 2 Vanderbilt Football Players Injured During Shooting In Target Parking Lot

They were reportedly working to recover a stolen cell phone.

Three Vanderbilt football players were reportedly involved in a shooting in a Target parking lot on Monday night.

Police said the incident happened at a Target in Nashville.

According to a report from Fox-17 Nashville, Vanderbilt football player Donaven Tennyson was trying to get his stolen cell phone back.

From the report:

Tennyson then told police his cell phone had been offered for sale by the thief on the same website. Tennyson then said he made a fake account on the site, requested to buy the phone and meet up the seller in the parking lot of Target.

The students told police they pulled up to a gray Buick sedan with two young black men inside. Coppet got out with the pellet pistol in his hand. That's when police said a man in the Buick shot at the students with a real pistol in his hand, while another man in the Buick fired a shotgun.

Daley was shot in the leg and left with non-critical injuries. Coppet received non-critical birdshot wounds to his arms.

Daley and Coppet both suffered non-life threatening injuries and are expected to recover.

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