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UAB Football: Fans Go Crazy When Return Of Blazers Football Program Is Announced

The decision to shut down the UAB football program back in December was almost universally panned. University president Ray Watts was on the receiving end of heckling from fans and harsh, emotional words from players after the announcement came. Last month, Blazer linebacker Derek Slaughter received a huge ovation from his classmates when he wore his helmet to UAB's commencement ceremony and snubbed Watts when he went for a handshake. The message to UAB was loud and clear, and today, the school announced that it would reinstate the football, bowling, rifle teams.

The reaction to the the announcement was quite impressive. UAB may not have the same fan base as a school like Alabama, but the Blazers die hards are out there.

">June 1, 2015


— Jonathan Hardison (@FOX6Hardison)

Tears and hugs outside UAB Admin Bldg just now courtesy

— Jonathan Hardison (@FOX6Hardison) June 1, 2015

">June 1, 2015

Congratulations to UAB alumni and fans who supported the #FreeUAB movement. This was a big day.