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Here Are The 9 College Football Teams Still Undefeated After Week 8

After week eight of the 2016 college football season, we're down to just 9 undefeated teams.

Last year, no college football team finished the season undefeated, as 14-0 Clemson fell to Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. It's starting to look like this season may feature a different turnout.

At the end of Saturday night's action, after eight weeks of college football, we still have nine teams that are undefeated. In fact, only two teams that entered the week undefeated lost - Texas A&M, which lost to another unbeaten - Alabama - and Ohio State.

Some of this will work itself out - Michigan still has to play Ohio State, and Nebraska could wind up playing one of them in the Big Ten title game. Baylor and West Virginia still need to play as well. But make no mistake, there could be multiple teams in this year's Playoff with unblemished records.

Here are the nine teams that have yet to lose thus far during the 2016 college football season: