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Clay Travis Thinks 2 NFL Teams Could Try To Hire Urban Meyer If He's Fired By Ohio State

Urban Meyer taking heat for kicking to Saquon Barkley.

It remains to be seen whether Urban Meyer will continue to be Ohio State's head football coach as the school investigates how he handled 2015 allegations of domestic violence against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. If Meyer does wind up being fired, FOX Sports radio host Clay Travis thinks two NFL teams could be interested.

Meyer has never been the head coach of an NFL team, but he does have a great deal of experience pumping out pro-quality players at the collegiate level.

Plus, if he were fired by Ohio State, it's likely that no college team would be willing to hire him immediately. The NFL is a different story though.

Here's what Travis had to say about the idea of Meyer winding up in the NFL - and winding up staying in-state.

"Now what's going to happen? I think there are two avenues here. One - the absolute best-case scenario for Urban Meyer now is I think a multi-game suspension. I think it's likely that he gets suspended as a best-case scenario for Ohio State for multiple games.

Worst-case scenario, I think he's either fired or he resigns to preserve his ability to make money.

If Urban Meyer got kicked to the curb by Ohio State, could Jimmy Haslam reach out, lift him up and make him the next coach of the Cleveland Browns? I think there's a lot of possibilities there.

Or is Urban Meyer the guy who Paul Brown, the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, would finally feel good enough to replace Marvin Lewis with? Wow, think about that. I think there's a good chance both the Browns and the Bengals would be trying to hire Urban Meyer to coach their NFL team for next season."

Ohio State is expected to announce Meyer's fate in the next two weeks. We'll keep you updated.