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Is It Possible Urban Meyer Doesn't Believe Courtney Smith Was A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

A closeup of Urban Meyer in an Ohio State windbreaker.

PISCATAWAY, NJ - OCTOBER 24: Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes during a game against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at High Point Solutions Stadium on October 24, 2015 in Piscataway, New Jersey. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

Urban Meyer was suspended - not fired - by Ohio State after the school's board of trustees spent 12 hours deliberating the findings of a two-week investigation into how he handled allegations of domestic violence against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. But Meyer has been getting trashed since the announcement - partially because of what's in the report itself and partially because of the way he handled the press conference.

Meyer, when asked what "message" he'd have for Courtney Smith, gave what many believe to be a less-than-satisfactory answer. "I have a message for everyone in this, I'm sorry we're in this situation."

Since Meyer uttered those words, countless articles have been written, suggesting that the Ohio State coach still doesn't "get it" when it comes to domestic violence. A number also suggest that he should have been fired. But there could be another reason Meyer didn't apologize to Courtney Smith.

Maybe he just flat-out doesn't believe she was a victim of domestic violence.

To be clear, I have no idea what Meyer believes - his actions Wednesday night left us all a little confused. But if Meyer doesn't actually believe that Zach Smith abused his wife, he wouldn't feel the need to apologize to her. Right? He also wouldn't feel the need to include anything about her in his opening statement. After all, if he believes she lied, then he also believes that she's the reason he's in this mess. In Ohio State's report, Shelley Meyer, Urban's wife, is reported to have contacted the police to "seek more information" about the Zach Smith investigation. She reportedly didn't tell Urban because she had doubts about the "veracity" of her claims.

During Meyer's paid administrative leave, a number of his family members stayed active on Twitter - including his daughter Nicki. She retweeted a number of tweets in regards to Jeff Snook's reports - including the one suggesting that both Zach Smith's mother and Courtney Smith's mother don't believe that Courtney Smith was abused by Zach Smith.

Some tweets Nicki Meyer retweeted during Urban's leave.

Of course, Nicki Meyer and Urban Meyer aren't the same person - and she may have just been defending her father during what was surely a tough time for their family. But there's no evidence to suggest that any member of the Meyer family actually believes Courtney Smith - at least not at this point.

Because of the legal aspect of the situation, we may never know what Meyer truly believes. But he certainly passed on an opportunity to show some remorse on Wednesday night, and that's a little curious.