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Urban Meyer Says Ohio State's Special Teams Is A Mess

The Buckeyes' head coach hasn't been happy with his kickoff coverage team.

Ohio State fans haven't been happy with the team's quarterback play so far this season, but Urban Meyer has been far more disappointed with another aspect of the Buckeyes' team.

Meyer said today that aspects of OSU's special teams unit are "a mess."

The Buckeyes' head coach ran down the list of things going wrong at his press conference today.

"Punt return has still been nonexistent. It's no one's fault - we haven't had many opportunities to return a punt," Meyer said. "Kickoff coverage is a mess right now. We don't have a kicker that can kick the ball. If you notice one almost went out into the seats. So, there's plenty of things that have a lot of issues that we have to get cleaned up and all of our focus is on that," he said.

Ohio State is set to host UNLV on Saturday.