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Urban Meyer Is Getting Memed After His Sideline Reactions vs. Maryland

Urban Meyer upset on the sideline vs. Maryland.

Ohio State is in a slugfest with Maryland on Saturday, and at the moment, the Terrapins and Buckeyes are tied 38-38 with just under four minutes to play. Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer has been losing his mind.

At least a dozen times, ABC's cameras have panned to Meyer after some kind of poor play by the Buckeyes. He's looked exasperated or despondent virtually every time.

Meyer's reactions on the sideline are a hot topic on Twitter. The Internet is enjoying the meltdown, predictably.

Here's the best of what's out there. Meyer likely wouldn't find any of them funny.

Ohio State needs a win to stay in the national title hunt. Maryland needs a win to become bowl eligible. The final few minutes should be fascinating.