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Urban Meyer Told His Wife He Had 3 Dream Jobs

These three jobs were must-takes for him, basically.

Eleven Warriors had Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley Meyer, on its "The Eleven Dubcast" podcast.

The entire thing is worth a listen and can be found here.

During the podcast, Shelley discussed Urban's coaching path in the college football world, from Bowling Green to Utah to Florida to Ohio State.

Apparently, when they were first starting out, Urban told Shelley that he had three dream jobs.

The three: Ohio State, Notre Dame....and Michigan.

"He told me from the very beginning, those three jobs, I’m sorry, you have no say in,” Shelley said.

Urban was born in Toledo, Ohio, which is kind of seen as the border for the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, so it's not a surprise that he dreamed of coaching the Wolverines at some point.

Shelley made sure to say that Michigan is now crossed off his list.