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Urban Meyer's Top 25 Coaches Poll Ballot Revealed

Urban Meyer speaks to his team after Summer practice.

Urban Meyer/Twitter

Urban Meyer's Top 25 college football teams.

The final Coaches Poll was released today. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is one of the voters and submits his top teams each and every week. With the final rankings here, each coaches' ballots were released to the public.

Of course, Meyer ranked his team near the top, but did not give Ohio State the top spot. That went, of course, to Alabama.

Here are Meyer's Top 25 teams:

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Penn State

5. Michigan

6. Washington

7. Oklahoma

8. Wisconsin

9. Colorado

10. West Virginia

11. USC

12. Florida State

13. Western Michigan

14. Stanford

15. Oklahoma State

16. Louisville

17. Virginia Tech

18. Florida

19. Boise State

20. Nebraska

21. Auburn

22. LSU

23. USF

24. Utah

25. Iowa

It's interesting to note, Meyer put Penn State in the top four. The College Football Playoff selection committee put Washington in ahead of the Nittany Lions for the final playoff spot.

Also of note, Meyer included six Big Ten teams in his final 25.