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Urban Meyer Was Asked If He's Reached Out To Courtney Smith

urban meyer opens up in new interview with espn

ESPN aired part two of its exclusive interview between Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and Tom Rinaldi this morning.

Meyer is set to return to the Buckeyes in full-time capacity this week. His three-game suspension ended following Ohio State's win over TCU on Saturday night.

During his interview with Rinaldi, Meyer was asked about Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of fired assistant coach Zach Smith.

Meyer was asked by Rinaldi if he's reached out to Smith. Ohio State's coach says he has not.

“I have not talked to her directly,” Meyer told Rinaldi. “Maybe sometime I will. That’s something I have to think through.”

Meyer was then asked about Courtney Smith saying that the Ohio State head coach enabled the abuser instead of helping the victim. The Buckeyes' head coach said he was heartbroken to hear that.

“That breaks my heart,” Meyer said. “I didn’t hear that until just now. I apologize that she believes that. That’s never been my intent. My intent was to try to help all involved, the only way I knew how at the time.

“I had two choices: fire a man and put the family in upheaval, or try to stabilize someone.”

Meyer is set to return to the sideline on Saturday. Ohio State is hosting Tulane.