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USC, Notre Dame Players Scuffle At Halftime, Get Called For Unsportsmanlike Conduct

USC and Notre Dame players fight at halftime.

USC and Notre Dame are rivals, but usually, the two sides are fairly civil towards one another. That does not appear to be the case on Saturday night during their matchup.

As the two teams headed to the locker room at halftime, players on both sides got into a scuffle. Eventually, the sidelines cleared.

The referees for the game issued unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on both teams. They also accidentally called USC "UCLA" - which should get Trojans fans' blood boiling.

It's the second time today we've seen a scuffle lead to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties when the game wasn't even being played. It happened in Oklahoma vs. Texas too.

As for the game itself, Notre Dame leads 17-3 at the break. The Fighting Irish have had their way on the ground, rushing for 196 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries. USC has struggled to move the ball.

Notre Dame is looking to move to 5-1 on the season and stay close in the College Football Playoff race. USC, meanwhile, is likely going to have to fight to play in a bowl game this season.

The game is being broadcast on NBC.