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Chris "The Bear" Fallica Explains The Argument For Utah Over Alabama

Chris Fallica makes his Playoff picks.

Believe it or not, we're just over two weeks away from seeing the final College Football Playoff rankings. As such, analysts around the country are trying to figure out what the committee will do in different scenarios.

Thursday, Chris "the Bear" Fallica had a back-and-forth with sportswriter John Walters on the Alabama vs. Utah argument. Fallica laid out the argument for picking the Utes over the Crimson Tide.

Walters noted that Utah's total defense rank is better than Alabama's. Fallica went a step further in breaking down the two teams.

Fallica believes it's possible that because the two teams are comparable in offensive/defensive efficiency, strength of schedule and quality wins, Utah's potential conference title could be the difference.

Utah still has Colorado on Saturday before getting a shot at the Pac-12 crown against Oregon. Alabama can't play for the SEC title after its loss to LSU a few weeks back.

Oklahoma, if it can win the Big 12 title game against Baylor, would have a decent case for the fourth spot too. It'll fascinating to see what the playoff committee winds up doing.

Rivalry week kicks off tonight with the Egg Bowl. It's going to be an incredible few days.