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Video: A Bama Fan Jumped Out Of The Flame-Engulfed SUV He Was Driving Into A River

An Alabama fans engulfed SUV.

Bama Fire SUV

This is flat-out insane. A group of Alabama fans took the phrase "Labor Day Weekend BBQ" to an entirely new, extreme level. One of them drove a flaming, exploding SUV into a river and jumped out of it into the water. His buddies helped him out and documented the action.

The story of this absurd stunt originated on Reddit over the weekend, with the poster speedemon92 using the phrase "Roll Tide" when describing how and why he and his friends came up with the idea to do this. It looks like he drove the vehicle into a small brush fire, igniting it, and kept right on truckin' until he reached the water.

The video here is in slow-motion, and it is mesmerizing. 

God Bless America, indeed.

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