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Video: Barack-etology Got The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Poking fun at the President of the United States is a time-honored tradition for some people. And this new animated Taiwanese video manages to take jabs at not only Barack Obama, but his two predecessors as well. Clinton is shown with a cigar in the oval office. Bush is shown having trouble with children's books. And it's not just presidents - the video also makes fun of American culture as a whole.

Through a series of goofy events, the animated piece shows Americans incapable of thinking about anything but basketball once March Madness begins. The point of the video is to show President Obama picking the Michigan State Spartans to win the NCAA Tournament in his bracket (which he did on ESPN)...but it also claims that smoking pot is one of the president's favorite activities. Interesting.

They agree that the president did choose a team from the correct state -- just not the right team. The end of the video features a Michigan Wolverine celebrating the NCAA championship. Did Obama doom Michigan State by picking them in his bracket? Will Michigan make a run to the title? These questions are just a part of what makes March Madness so exciting.