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Video: Colin Cowherd Names 6 Programs In His 'Top Tier' Of College Football

A common argument within the college football world is which teams are 'top tier' programs? Obviously a lot of that has to do with how one categorizes a 'tier,' but on the Thursday episode of The Herd, Fox Sports 1's Colin Cowherd attempted to break it down for the top 20 programs.

Cowherd has six programs that he considers the 'top tier' of the sport:

-Notre Dame
-Ohio State

After that, the water gets a bit muddy, and he goes on to sort programs like Georgia, LSU, Miami, and Texas into the next two tiers, while bringing up an interesting argument for Big 12 expansion candidate BYU being in the conversation for the back end of the top 20.

Tier two:

-Florida State

Tier three:


Agree with Cowherd's breakdown?