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Video: Did Alabama Snub Washington For The Pregame Handshake?

Alabama and Washington players did not shake hands.

It appears as though Alabama refused to shake hands with Washington after the coin toss.

As is customary before a game, the captains from each team meet at midfield for the coin toss. Normally, the coin toss ends with the teams shaking hands and going back to their respective sidelines.

Before Saturday's matchup between Alabama and Washington, the ref suggested both teams shake hands, yet Alabama spurned the Huskies and walked back to their sideline.

The move was very uncharacteristic of Alabama, which generally gives its utmost respect to each and every opponent.

Now, lost in the fray here is the fact that Alabama and Washington shook hands when they first met at midfield. Yet, when it came time for the ref to suggest the two teams shake hands, Alabama left Washington hanging.

A sign of disrespect? Perhaps an honest mistake?

Regardless, it looks like Washington took the spurning to heart, as it jumped on Alabama early. The Huskies lead 7-0 in the first quarter of the Peach Bowl.