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Video: Idaho State Runner Finishes Race After Rupturing Achilles Tendon

Shelby Erdahl finishes race with ruptured achilles.

shelby erdahl finishes race

If you've ever suffered an Achilles injury, you know that there's a great deal of pain involved. This week, a runner named Shelby Erdahl, who competes for Idaho State, put on one of the most gutty performances of the year - while finishing in last place.

Erdahl, who just needed to complete the 400-meter hurdles at the Big Sky Championships to score a point for her team, did just that - despite tearing her Achilles early on in the race. Video of Erdahl struggling to get through the race - including clearing hurdles - has now gone viral. Check it out:

Props to Erdahl for toughing it out for her teammates. For those wondering, she had successful surgery on Wednesday.Well done.