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Video: Instagram Model's 1-Handed Catch Is Going Viral

Instagram model's one-handed catch is going viral.

How tough is it to catch a football with one hand?

If you ask someone like Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., you'll probably get a "it's not that hard" answer.

Beckham Jr. made arguably the most-famous one-handed catch in NFL history on Sunday Night Football when he played for the Giants. The then-New York star went up for a spectacular leaping one-handed touchdown grab against the Dallas Cowboys.

"It's bittersweet because I think my career is much more than one catch," Beckham said in 2018 of his catch. "But it was a very iconic moment and just a prolific moment in my career. I don't mind getting tagged on Instagram and seeing a bunch of nice catches. It gives me motivation to do something crazier."

The one-handed technique continues to inspire in 2020.

Jacquelene Tsiouklas, an Instagram model, is going viral on social media for her one-handed snag. Her Instagram bio now reads: CEO of “Odell Becky Jr.”

That's a pretty solid one-handed snag. That's a pretty good throw by the quarterback, too. Jacquelene has nearly 16,000 Instagram followers at the moment and that number is likely to rise thanks to her catch.

Hopefully we'll get to see some NFL and college football players making one-handed catches in actual games this fall.