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Video: Mark Emmert's Full Interview With Dan Patrick; Says If He Were A College Athlete, All He'd Want Is A Scholarship

Perhaps it is time for Mark Emmert to stop doing interviews altogether. The NCAA President joined the Dan Patrick Show Monday morning to discuss a number of serious issues in collegiate athletics. It didn't go too well for the NCAA's leader. 

Full interview: 

Some quotes: 

Emmert on paying student-athletes:

 “I’m in favor of student athletes having all the things that they need to be successful as student athletes.”

Emmert on unionizing:

“The membership is not interested in converting athletes into employees … especially unionized employees,” Emmert said. “It’s a completely different model of intercollegiate athletics and I don’t know if anyone’s interested in [that model.]”

Emmert on the one-and-done concept in college basketball:

“They shouldn’t be forced to be in college as the only place to pursue their professional [goals].”

“It’s not leaving college that’s constrained," Emmert said. It’s entry into the NBA that is constrained.” 

The reaction to Emmert's interview was poor.

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">April 21, 2014

">April 21, 2014

">April 21, 2014