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Video: Miami Fan Punches West Virginia Fan In The Face, Retreats

A Miami fan and a West Virginia fan square off in the bathroom.

The below altercation between a Miami fan and a West Virginia fan is quite different from what you usually see at sporting events.

Miami knocked off West Virginia in the Russell Athletic Bowl on Wednesday night, but it turns out the real action at Camping World Stadium might have been taking place in the bathroom.

In the below video, a West Virginia fan accuses a Miami fan of cutting him in line to go to the bathroom. The back-and-forth eventually results in the Mountaineers supporter threatening to urinate on the Miami supporter, and the Miami supporter then punching him in the face.

The West Virginia fan, unfazed, chases the Miami fan out of the bathroom, screaming "I used to f*** guys like you in prison." Yep, this really happened. Check it out, via TMZ:

In reality, this could have been way worse, as it doesn't look like anyone was seriously hurt. Bowl season - you never know what's going to happen next.