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Video: Referee Getting Crushed For What He Did On This Touchdown Play

Drew Lock blocked by official.

Early Saturday afternoon, Georgia and Missouri kicked off in an SEC showdown between a powerhouse and a team that features a potential top QB draftee. Drew Lock is a potential top pick in the draft, and leads the Tigers into Saturday's game.

While he's known for being able to sling the rock, his tackling ability has yet to be seen. Early in Saturday's game, Lock got a chance to make a tackle after his receiver was stripped of the ball.

The only problem? An official decided he'd play a little defense against Lock, making him unable to tackle the Georgia defender.

The result was a touchdown for the Bulldogs. Check it out.

Would Lock have been able to make the tackle if he wasn't blocked by the official? We'll never know.

As it stands now, Georgia owns a 7-0 lead near the end of the first quarter. The game can be seen on ESPN.