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Video: Softball Player Pulls Off Ridiculously Impressive Bat Trick

Girl does bat tricks in her backyard.

Bat Tricks Girl

Softball, as we all know, is a game of statistics. Here's an impressive number for you. The below Vine, posted one day ago, has nearly 8 million loops. Why? Because it features an incredible softball bat trick.

The girl's name is Marisa Arriaga, and she hails from Cedar Hill, Texas. She posted the original video back in June, but it's gone viral the past 24 hours. In the clip, she lifts a bat off of the ground with her foot, bounces it behind her back, kicks the ball off of the tee, juggles it, and then crushes it into the woods. It's awesome.

">June 24, 2015

Yeah, I can't do that. Impressive, to say the least.