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Video: This Might Be The Dirtiest Play In Soccer History

girl lays on the ground after being cheap shotted.

We've seen some dirty plays in soccer - Zinedine Zidane's head-butt immediately comes to mind, as does Luis Suarez' shoulder bite. But what you're about to see below is arguably more absurd than anything out there.

A goalkeeper named Cassie Sturtz, who plays for Pine Forest High School in North Carolina, has reportedly been suspended for two games after being assessed a flagrant foul against Pinecrest Thursday night. In the clip below, you can see her charge Pinecrest's Riley Barrett before launching herself at her. The Fayetteville Observer first reported the news and posted the video:

Here's more:

Ernie Fisher, regional supervisor for soccer officials in the Cape Fear region, said that the officials calling the game originally did not assess Sturtz a penalty. However, Fisher said the officials conferred shortly after the game ended and agreed Sturtz should have been called for a flagrant contact foul.

Luckily, Barrett left the field under her own power.

With no backstory here, it's hard to know exactly why this happened. But it's starting to go viral for obvious reasons.