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Video: Toledo's Buzzer-Beater Last Night Eerily Similar To Bryce Drew's NCAA Game-Winner

Different circumstances, but still cool.
Toledo fans dressed in costumes.


The circumstances may have been a bit different, but the buzzer-beater that Toledo's Julius Brown pulled off last night brought back memories of one of the most incredible finishes in NCAA tournament history. With two seconds to play in a tie-game against Buffalo, senior Matt Smith inbounded the ball the nearly the length of the court via baseball pass to sophomore Nathan Boothe, who quickly dumped it off for Brown. The rest, as they say, is history.

The shot looks very similar to Valparaiso guard Bryce Drew's game-winner against Mississippi in the 1998 NCAA tournament. Drew's was actually a 3-pointer when the team was trailing by two. 

The last-second victory puts Toledo at 14-2 on the year - the Rockets are putting together a solid season.