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Video: UAB's President Tells Room Full Of Teary-Eyed Football Players He Cares More About University Than They Do

A video has been released this evening showing the meeting UAB president Ray Watts had with the school's football program on Tuesday, during which the Blazers' players were officially informed their program had been terminated. 

During the video, multiple UAB players voice their disdain with Watts and his decision. 

"You go home, sleep in a big (expletive) house, but it's OK," one Blazer says. "It's 18-year-olds, 17-year-olds in here. What are they supposed to do?"

"How can you sleep at night?" another asked. 

Watts responded. 

"You've had a few years at UAB, I've had 42," he said said. "I was an undergraduate. I worked my (expletive) off.

"There's nobody in this room, nobody out there, there's nobody in this city or state that cares more about UAB than I do."

Here's the full video: