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Video: Young Woman's Epic Backyard Football Catch Is Going Viral

Young woman's epic backyard football catch.

Video of a young woman's epic backyard football catch is going viral on social media on Monday morning.

The weather is starting to get a lot nicer. There's still a pandemic going on, but as things start to open back up, people are beginning to spend a lot more time outside.

A lot of public fields and courts remain closed, but backyards are still fair game when it comes to playing sports.

Video of an epic backyard football game is going viral on Twitter on Monday morning. The game featured quite the wide receiver-cornerback matchup.

A young woman gets jammed off of the line by someone who appears to be her brother. The brother is extremely physical with his sister on the line of scrimmage. Eventually, she's able to make her way down field.

The young woman then gets a yard or two of separation and the quarterback finds her. She is able to extend out and reel in the catch in epic fashion.

That young woman is former Oklahoma State basketball player Loryn Goodwin. So, it's no surprise she was able to torch the cornerback like that.

Well done, Loryn.

(And maybe don't be so physical off of the line of scrimmage next time, cornerback.)