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Videos: The 10 Best Stadium Entrances In College Football

The best part of a college football game might take place before the game even starts. 

Clemson football runs down the hill at Death Valley.

Where does Clemson's entrance rank?

We're talking about that awesome moment before kickoff when the home team officially enters the stadium. 

Each college football program seems to have their own stadium entrance. They'll play a certain song, run in from a special tunnel, be led out by a mascot or a live animal, etc. 

All of them are great and goose-bump inducing. 

Some, of course, are better than others. They're more exciting, cooler to watch. 

We've decided to rank the best ones. 

Here are the top 10 entrances in college football. 

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10. Notre Dame's Play Like A Champion Today

The fans in the stadium don't get to see this happen, so it's a little lower on the list than you might think it should be. 

But the Fighting Irish's coaches and players slapping a gold "Play Like A Champion Today" sign as they leave the locker room and head to the field is still worthy of a spot on this list. 

Notre Dame has been using the sign since at least the fall of 1986. 

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9. Miami's Smoke 

If we did this ranking in the early 2000s, the Hurricanes' entrance might be No. 1. 

But in recent years, Miami's program and its fan support has suffered a bit, so their smoke entrance onto the field has dropped in the excitement department. 

Still, it's one of the coolest entrances in college football. And, perhaps, it'll get back to its glory days under Mark Richt. 

The tradition began back in the 1950s. 

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8. Florida State's Tomahawk Chop With Chief Osceola

The Seminoles' entrance might be the most unique one in the sport. 

Florida State's fans hum their "Warchant" while doing the tomahawk chop, as the team's mascot, Chief Osceola, rides in on Renegade and plants a spear at midfield. 

It's electric, to say the least. 

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7. Auburn's Tiger Walk

Before every home game, Auburn's team does the "Tiger Walk" down Donahue Drive to Jordan-Hare Stadium as thousands of fans line the street. 

Once inside the stadium, the Tigers run onto the field as the speakers blare the song of choice for that season, which varies from year to year. 

Here's Tiger Walk from Cam Newton's season. 

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6. Tennessee's Running Through The T

This entrance might not be as purely exciting as some of the others, but it's awesome to watch. 

Tennessee runs onto the field through a "T" made by the school's band, the Pride of the Southland Marching Band. 

Check it out: 

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5. Colorado's Running With The Buffalo 

This is probably the most-dangerous entrance in college football, but it's also incredible. 

The school's live mascot, Ralphie, a 1,300-pound buffalo, leads the team onto the field as it runs around the stadium at a speed reaching as high as 25 MPH. 

The tradition started in 1967 and is guaranteed to get you jacked up. 

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4. South Carolina's '2001'

The Gamecocks have been running onto the field at Williams-Brice Stadium to "Also Sprach Zarathustra, Opus 30," a.k.a the theme song to 2001: A Space Odyssey, since 1983. 

South Carolina tabs it as the "Best Entrance In College Football." 

It's not quite that, in our opinion, but it's definitely one of the five best. 

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3. Nebraska's Tunnel Walk

The Tunnel Walk began in 1994 and ever since, it's been one of the best in college football. 

Nebraska plays Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius" as video of the Huskers walking through the tunnel and onto the field plays on the video board. The team emerges in the northwest corner of Memorial Stadium and 90,000-plus fans roar as the doors open and the players run onto the field. 

Tom Osborne led a special tunnel walk in 2012. 

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2. Virginia Tech's 'Enter Sandman'

If we were ranking the best stadium entrance songs in college football, the Hokies and "Enter Sandman" would easily be No. 1. 

They settle for No. 2 on this list. 

Virginia Tech has been running out to this song since 2000. It's an especially epic entrance when the Hokies are playing a Thursday night game. 

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1. Clemson's Running Down The Hill

Legendary ESPN broadcaster Brent Musberger tabbed the Tigers' entrance as "the most exciting 25 seconds in college football." He wasn't lying. 

About 10 minutes before kickoff, Clemson's team exits its locker room and is driven in buses to the north side of Memorial Stadium. The players file out and assemble on top of the hill featuring Howard's Rock. A canon fires and the Tigers run down the hill as Clemson's fan base roars in cheers. has a good history on the tradition

Watching this in person should be on every college football fan's bucket list. 

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