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Everyone Said The Same Thing About Vince Vaughn's College GameDay Appearance

Vince Vaughn appears on College GameDay.

Movie star Vince Vaughn was the celebrity guest picker on College GameDay Saturday morning, and while he did a nice job making his picks, most of the comments on social media regarding his appearance were about...his appearance.

Vaughn, who was the star of a number of huge hit comedies over the past two decades, is only 50 years old. But his grumpy demeanor, combined with a tough camera angle and his receding hair line, made him appear much older during the segment.

Vaughn wasn't able to be on set with the GameDay staff given the pandemic. He did the spot from his home.

Twitter lit up with references to Vaughn's age. Most were wondering when he got "so old."

Vaughn was born in Minneapolis, which is where the show was based today ahead of the Minnesota vs. Michigan game. Vaughn wound up picking the Golden Gophers, while Lee Corso's famous headgear pick went to the Wolverines.

Vaughn is still a popular figure, but his heyday was from 2003-2007, when he starred in Old School, Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers and The Break-Up.

As for the game, Michigan will take on Minnesota at 7:30 PM ET on ABC.