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Vince Young Had A Tough Time Reading Harold Landry's Name At The NFL Draft

Vince Young butchers Harold Landry's name at the NFL Draft.

Vince Young was on-hand at the NFL Draft on Friday night to help announce Tennessee's second round pick. Unfortunately, it didn't go so well. Young butchered the team's selection - leaving ESPN's announcers scrambling to figure out who the Titans had taken.

Young, who was taken third overall by the Titans back in 2006, had to read off Harold Landry's name. For some reason, he pronounced Landry's first name as "Honor." Seriously.

It's unclear whether it was written wrong on the card or if Young just doesn't know how to pronounce the name Harold.

Here's video. It's a moment we're sure Landry will never forget either.

Landry, meanwhile is a stud defensive end from Boston College. He's actually a really solid pick for the Titans, regardless of whether one of their former quarterbacks knows how to pronounce his name.

The second and third rounds will continue on Friday night. Rounds four through seven will take place on Saturday afternoon.