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Watch: Brawl Breaks Out In The Myrtle Beach Bowl

Brawl in the Myrtle Beach Bowl.


It's never peak college football bowl season without one big brawl between Group of Five teams. And we can now say that we've reached peak bowl season.

Early in the second quarter of the Myrtle Beach Bowl between Appalachian State and North Texas, a Mountaineers defender laid a pretty big hit on Mean Green QB Jason Bean. When a North Texas offensive player got in his opponent's face for doing that, he got pushed, prompting a brawl.

The two teams swarmed each other near the North Texas sideline and began to push and shove. The two sidelines quickly cleared out as people attempted to stop the fighting.

Multiple flags were thrown and several players and even a referee got knocked to the ground. But it was ultimately calmed down without much extra fanfare.

With their improved field position following the flags, North Texas promptly went down the field and score a touchdown, cutting Appalachian State's lead to 14-7.

But the Mountaineers got their lead back right away, driving 59 yards on five plays later in the quarter to take a 21-7 lead.

Both teams are playing their hearts out on the field in South Carolina right now and we can hardly blame them. As much as you hate to see a brawl where someone could get hurt, you love to see the passion.

The Myrtle Beach Bowl is being played on ESPN.