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Watch: Colin Cowherd Says He Wouldn't Even Let Brian Kelly Into His Living Room To Recruit His Son

Colin Cowherd speaking on his show on FS1.


Here's why Kelly couldn't recruit Cowherd's kid.

Colin Cowherd had Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt on his radio show today, and the two delved into a number of topics.

One of them was Notre Dame football, as the Fighting Irish are gearing up to play Michigan State this Saturday on FOX. Klatt and Cowherd got into a debate about Notre Dame's standing in the college football world.

Klatt started by saying he thinks Notre Dame is an "amazing" brand and doesn't understand why some people feel he is overly critical of them. He added that the only criticism he has for the Irish is that the issues they run into that people say prevent Notre Dame from being a top program (academic standards and what not) don't need to be an excuse because there are other teams dealing with similar regulations.

Klatt added that Notre Dame is a "preeminent brand that should be in the top-10 every single year." That's where things split.

Cowherd jumped in and said Notre Dame isn't at that level and added that he would not let Brian Kelly and ND even go into his living room to recruit his son. Klatt was stunned and asked why.

"David Shaw, Stanford. Come on in. Clay Helton, come on in. Tom Herman, Texas, come on in," Cowherd said. "That's three and I haven't even gotten to Notre Dame. Jim Harbaugh, come on in. Urban Meyer, come on in. Brian Kelly, not interested."

Cowherd added that "Clemson is twice the program of Notre Dame and they are a third of the brand."

Klatt countered with Notre Dame's history and what they've meant to college football. Cowherd chided him for living in the past.

You can watch the full exchange below.

As you can imagine, Notre Dame fans probably won't be very happy when they hear this, and the debate of just what the Fighting Irish should be in 2017 and beyond will continue.

Right now, Notre Dame is 2-1, and that can't be debated. A win in East Lansing against the Spartans would go a long way toward putting the program on track for a successful season.