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Watch: Does Herm Edwards Not Know Arizona State's Nickname Is The Sun Devils?

Herm Edwards's bizarre Arizona State introductory press conference.

This might be awkward for Herm.

Arizona State finalized its surprising hire of Herm Edwards late last night, and introduced him to the media this afternoon.

After viewing this clip that is going viral, it is fair to wonder if someone should have gone over ASU's nickname (Sun Devils) with Herm during the interview process.

It all started when a reporter from Devils Digest asked a question, and Edwards reacted (jokingly) by asking where he was from and adding that he was a Christian.

"Watch out for them Devils," Edwards said.

So, after watching that clip, do you think Edwards legitimately doesn't know the school's nickname? Or was he joking?

Either way, this press conference didn't do anything to change the perception that Edwards' tenure in Tempe will be nothing if not interesting.