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Watch: Gene Stallings Reciting The Dash Will Give You Chills

Former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings recited a rendition of a poem called "The Dash" for Clemson football.

Gene Stallings, former Texas A&M and Alabama head coach, was featured in a video for Clemson Football. Stallings was Dabo Swinney's coach when Swinney played for Alabama from 1990-1992, led the Crimson Tide to a national championship in 1992.

Stallings is reading from the poem by Linda Ellis, written in 1996.

"I read where a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. Made mention of the tombstone, the dates from the beginning to the end. At first he mentioned the date of the birth, the latter he mentioned with tears. He said what matters most of all, is that dash between the years. It represents all of the time that he was alive up on this Earth. And only those who knew him best, knew what that dash was worth.

It matters not how much you own, yours house, your cars, your cash. What matters most of all, the way you live that dash. If you could just slow down a bit, to see what's true and real. Try to understand how the other fellow feels, and more often, wear a smile, because that little dash, it only lasts a while. And as your eulogy is being read and your life is being rehashed, are you going to be proud to hear the people say the way you lived your dash?"

It's a touching tribute from a man who coached Dabo Swinney all those years ago, to one again offer lessons to the Clemson Tigers in their pursuit of a national championship.