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Watch: Michigan's "Train" Formation Gets Derailed By Ohio State

Michigan's players line up in the Train formation.


Michigan's "train" formation didn't work out like the Wolverines planned.

Michigan runs a formation called the "train." They line up 10 guys in single file behind the center and then spread out into a normal formation. Usually, it works.


That is until the Wolverines went up against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday. Suffice it to say, the formation did not work out in Michigan's favor this time.

Two Ohio State defenders rushed in to sack Wilton Speight for a huge loss. The train didn't run too smoothly on that one.

Forgive the pun.

In the end, Michigan and Ohio State played a double overtime thriller in which the Buckeyes escaped with a 30-27 win. It was the first overtime game in the series' long history.

Ohio State has a great chance to make the College Football Playoff. Meanwhile Michigan will be headed to a very good bowl game, but the season didn't end they way it hoped.